To Get Good Nutrition Fruits and Vegetables May Not Be Enough

If you want to get good nutrition fruits and vegetable are all you need right? Not quite. That statement was probably true a hundred years ago but not anymore. Do you ever wonder what people took to get good nutrition before food supplements were invented? Were people then considerably less healthy than people are now? How were they able to survive without food supplements? If they were able to survive without food supplements can we also survive? These are just some of the questions that one can ask regarding food supplements This article will try to answer the questions above and more. In the process, it hopes to shed more light in the often confusing field of nutrition and on food supplements.The answer to the first question above is very simple. Prior to the invention of food supplements people relied solely on one thing to provide nutrition for themselves and that is food Before, to get good nutrition fruits and vegetable were indeed sufficient. Even today, food is still the best source of nutrition. The problem is that food today contains significantly less nutrients than the food from times past. That is why today, to get nutrition fruits and vegetables must be complemented with food supplements.As for the second question, I can say that people then were healthier despite the fact that there were no food supplements Again, this is because they were eating natural fresh food And because the food available to them then contained sufficient nutrients, they therefore had no need for additional food supplementsAnd now for the last question. Can we survive today without food supplements? The answer is yes and no. Yes, of course we can survive without food supplements But we probably would not be getting optimum nutrition from food the way our ancestors did. Of course we would be able to survive but we would not be able to achieve the peak of our physical existence if we will rely solely on food today because of the poor quality of the food available.Confused by the choices of food supplements available in the market? Then try the personalized nutrition offered by Genewize Life Sciences through its LifeMap Nutrition(TM) System. So in today’s world, if you want to get good nutrition fruits and vegetables should be supplemented by a good nutrition food supplement.

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